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Few would have achieved in lifetimes what Mr Lee
did for the most part of the past 50 years.

And even fewer would have the will, and passion that
Mr Lee had for Singapore as he saw her through her
days as a young nation, up till her transformation into
the bustling metropolis she is today. He was the living
embodiment of the Singapore Spirit; the first true
Singaporean who existed even before our Republic
was formed.

Singapore commemorated her Golden Jubilee
without her founding father in attendance at the
Padang on 9 August 2015. A seat was left empty in
remembrance of Mr Lee, a seat that everyone looked
to, and willed with all their hearts for him to be there
with the rest of Singapore, to celebrate how far our
nation has come, how much she has grown.

Let us remember 2015 not only as a celebration of
50 years of independence, but also the year when
we lost a very important member of the Singapore
family, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Thank you, Mr Lee, for everything you have done for
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